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It's high on every sales manager’s priority list. It’s more profitable, more reliable, and much less dependent on “the numbers.” However, it presents an enormous creative challenge. Because it’s no secret that in all but a few cases, the best radio sales people can be among the "not best" when it comes to writing copy. That shouldn't come as a surprise to any radio salespeople or their managers. Because the qualities that the best salespeople possess are generally not the same qualities that creative copywriters and production people possess. Most good salespeople simply have less interest in the creative process because, as they'll often put it, "we don't make sales while we're writing copy." They’d rather be out selling…

…and you’d probably rather they be out selling,too,right?

And in all but a few radio stations, production departments are small and overworked and end up cranking out the same sounding voice-overs. Wouldn’t it be nice to give them award-winning campaigns to sell, and then let them do just that?

Direct accounts tend to fall into four categories:

  • Happy Campers

    Those accounts you’ve got locked into long term annuals and who are very happy with the ads you do for them. God Bless ‘em!!

  • Tough Prospects

    Those accounts you’re trying to get in front of and who you’ve yet to sell.

  • On The Air But High Maintenance

    Those accounts that yell at you on a regular basis because "radio advertising doesn't work." They’ve got enough money to spend that you gladly play that game. Try as you might, you just can’t seem to come up with something they like. You spend way too much of your time keeping this account sold - if that's what you can call it.

  • Projects

    They can string you along forever, eating up valuable selling time by saying, "If you can bring me something that I like - something that is different - I’ll buy." Most of the time they end up on your production director's "spec spot" list and because of that, you end up on your production director's "other" list, because they tend to not like anything you take them - mainly because they really don't know what they like. Translation: More time wasted chasing businesses that should be on the air - but aren't.

We can provide that “something different” that it takes to make that new/direct business sale. We have a growing list of ready-to-use campaigns or we’ll create a new campaign.

What are you - some kind of copy writing or voice-over service?
Not at all. There are already a good number of those already, and we’d have to say, they probably do a better job with your basic radio commercial than we do. If that’s what you need, we’ll be happy to refer you to some of the better ones. What we do is create campaigns for people who want something very different than a voice-over.

How does it work?
Just call us and we’ll play our campaign for you on the phone. If you decide that it’s one of those “YOU’VE JUST GOTTA HEAR THIS” campaigns, then we’ll set up a time for your client to hear it. If your client likes it, we’ll create it, you’ll write up a new/direct business order, and we’ll all win.

OR, we offer an IN-HOUSE service where we’ll come in and spend a full day with your sales staff - making calls and helping them sell. We also offer a copy writing workshop; a full day of hands-on training and copy writing to help your salespeople improve their own copy writing skills. We may not turn them into creative geniuses, but we can help them write better copy.

It varies by market and by campaign. However, we're not nearly as expensive as the air time they're buying if their advertising doesn’t get results. And whether they use our services or not, we strongly suggest that they not skimp on their creative. Not after investing as much as they probably will in air time.

How do we pay?
t’s usually a separate cash transaction, payable in full before delivery of the final dub. Or the station can pass the creative costs through to the client (either with or without markup to help reduce station costs). Another idea would be for the station to "absorb" the cost as an incentive for making a larger or longer-term commitment. Still others have developed special packages to help offset the cost in which they “rebate” a month of no-charge sspots after the initial commitment has been met.

What about exclusivity?
All campaigns are owned and copyrighted by CreativeCom and are licensed for use, usually for a period of one year. Each of our clients is granted market exclusivity for the markets in which they wish to run. Ownership and syndication rights remain with CreativeCom.

What’s the big benefit to the station?
Because we prefer to work with only one station or group in a market, that station becomes our exclusive contact for our services. This increases the station’s value to the client.

With CreativeCom's help, you'll be able to offer your clients and prospective award-winning creative - ads designed to get heard. Campaigns that will help you build your new/direct business.


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