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Copy Workshop

The CreativeCom Copy Workshop is a full-day hands-on session designed to help your salespeople improve their copy writing skills.


Each of your salespeople will prepare for the workshop by selecting three prospective clients and bringing as much information as possible to the workshop. This information can be gathered from many sources; RAB's Instant Backgrounds, present advertising samples, and, of course, copy points and information gathered from in-person meetings with the client.

We'll begin with a one-hour discussion of copy writing. We'll take a hard look at copywriting: things to do, things to avoid. Then we'll get down to the business of building effective copy that will increase your chances of getting the job done for the client - and for yourself. At the end of the session, we'll have at least two - hopefully three new pieces of copy for each salesperson to take to their clients. And while we can't promise you a staff of copy writing geniuses, we can predict with some certainty, that your sales staff will have a much clearer idea of what effective copy is and how to create it.

We'll wrap up the session by sharing our copy and points we've learned along the way and after a quick lunch, I'll accompany individual salespeople on calls to these or other prospective advertisers who might have a need for the kind of creative campaigns that CreativeCom creates.

The cost for this full day of brainstorming and moneymaking: $900 + expenses.


If our afternoon calls result in two sales, your copy workshop is ½ price. If three sales result, the copy workshop is free (except for expenses). We both win!